Whether for work or pleasure I love writing code. Since transitioning from web design into coding I have been passionate about solving problems with creative, practical and customer-focused solutions. The 15+ years’ experience I have in developing Microsoft .Net software for enterprise systems means I possess comprehensive knowledge of coding web, desktop and service applications, including database storage, reporting and the integration of third-party systems.

My career has provided me the opportunity to work within several industries including finance, health and insurance, both in New Zealand and Australia. My passion for coding outside of my work role and continually up-skill has led to e-commerce and app development; the learnings from which I capture in this personal blog.

As a lead developer at Fred IT, I mentor and coach other developers, enjoy the collaboration of working in a SAFE environment and work on the on-going improvement of our code-base and related supporting documentation, in addition to improving our systems for pharmacists.

For more info, check out my details at my LinkedIn profile