If you look at the broken history displayed on my twitter feed, I have posted a number of blog posts on wordpress… and ghost… and yeah.

I have been looking for a blog tool that keeps history and uses markdown and is simple to use, transparent with what I have done and deleted and… it’s just Github pages, ok?

Setup GitHub pages

Use this to setup a static site on github:

  1. Log into GitHub and setup a repository called <Your github user name> ie for me this was
  2. As per usual, I put in an MIT License but I left out an ignore file.
  3. Add an index.html with hello world!
  4. Browse to
  5. Done!

Gotchas I

  1. I initially set the repository name to just finnangelo which obviously didn’t work. Fortunately it’s easy to rename a repository in GitHub, under settings

Setup Jekyll onto GitHub

I forked the jekyll-now project from

  1. I used TortoiseGit to do the forking -> merging thing, which is very easy. Its’ mostly like, but using TortoiseGit to do the work
    • All the commits etc go to the master trunk, because this is a user/organisation site
    • I had to merge the index.html that I set up for hello world which wasn’t hard, but I’m still not sure about the MIT License. Do I just append my name onto @BarryClark or do I setup a separate license? Or what?
      • It looks like I leave it EXACTLY as is ie no change as per the instructions in it. Doh!
      • I guess this is a lesson learned for my very first fork!
    • Unfortunately it kept the history for barryclark on the fork which I guess is a feature.
  2. I deleted the Git History using the approach from
    • Note that this is all done in the git-bash terminal on my windows Virtual box
# Step 1: remove all history
rm -rf .git

# Step 2: reconstruct the Git repo with only the current content

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"

# Step 3: push to GitHub.

git remote add origin <github-uri>
git push -u --force origin master

Setup to point to

Setup a CNAME

Gotchas II

  1. I haven’t set up the cname properly at all - every time I update this github repostitory I get an email pointing this out. It’s kind of embarrassing that I haven’t fixed this, but its nice that they show they care.
  2. It looks like images in GitHub need a full path. Oh well.

Setup Jekyll with GitHub Settings

Bit nervous about this…


I am glad I could use the picture of Robert for the head of this article - apparently he was the nicest guy that ever lived in Scotland.

Jeckyll & Hyde As a bonus, this totally didn’t work for the header, but it’s just a great picture: