Building to Heaven

Update: None of these projects exist anymore, but the sentiment holds. And I use VSTS now.

Build tools and err… stuff

I have been playing with AppVeyor - as per Hanselman at AppVeyor - A good continuous integration system is a joy to behold - and I’m liking it.

Things I found with it on my ZXSpectrum project;

  • With FAKE - F# Make - A DSL for build tasks, it is awesome easy
    • I can test a build on my local box without too much bother, commit to github and it works
      The exception to that is the NewLine issue; I still need to look at this.
  • I prefer NUnit to MSTest for unit testing.
    This is possibly because the FAKE documentation for NUnit is better
  • I have also got a Hello World Build in my FinnAngelo/Tomfoolery project
  • When playing with the Jenkins-CI build tool on Linux, I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t unit test database stuff - I use MS SQL Server and stored procedures by choice - but adding other software in a build is merely a chocolatey cinst away

And my favourite bit.

  • The build badge Build status is brilliant. It’s so gratifying for the ego…
    This is linking to the build for my DALify project.

Bonus pic

Building Trust
This has nothing to do with builds or servers, or anything really. But it’s cute.